One of the key elements of a full service executive health program is the comprehensive medical exam. This examination needs to be conducted annually in order to be the effective health care tool it has the potential to be. Unfortunately, many people fail to understand the significance of this assessment – especially those who are in the primes of their lives and feel as though they are in excellent health. So, what is the big deal about comprehensive medical examinations?

Creates a Baseline of Your Health

When you begin a healthcare regimen you need to have a complete picture of the state of your current health. This is something that cannot be achieved in the course of a fifteen-minute office visit. You need to have several tests conducted, lab work done, vital signs taken, and a sizable health questionnaire filled out so your physician knows where to begin in assessing your health in the future.

Provides Insight into Your Future Health

This allows your doctor to take note of changes in the coming years and can serve as a crucial indicator of potential health problems looming on the horizon or sound the alarm bells when unsettling changes in your body chemistry, blood work, etc. begin to occur. In other words, your annual health assessment is so much more than a simple comprehensive health check up. It is a window into the current state of your health and the standard upon which your future health is compared.

Builds a Trusting Relationship Between Patient and Physician

Perhaps the most important aspect of a comprehensive health assessment is that it allows the patient the opportunity to really discuss health care goals, ask questions, and build rapport with his or her physician. This is the opportunity to bring in any questions and concerns you have about the state of your health, concerns about your family history, and even fears for the future.

What Does a Comprehensive Medical Exam Include?

Getting a comprehensive annual examination is an investment in your long-term good health. It involves a five hour process that includes: blood tests and laboratory work for a variety of conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and thyroid, liver, and kidney function tests. It also includes a vaccination review, abdominal ultrasound, physical examination and consultation with your physician, a cardiovascular health assessment, hearing and vision screenings, fitness assessments, nutritional counseling, as well as assessments of your social and mental health and well-being. Men and women will also have gender specific screenings and examinations as well as screenings specifically for employees over a certain age.

The bottom line is that good health is essential not only for a long life, but also to maintain a certain quality of life or health standard. Medcan offers one of the most comprehensive medical exam procedures available today in order to help you identify your short and long-term health goals and to give you the tools you need to accomplish them. The only thing left for you to do is to make sure you arrive on time and ready to go when your health check up takes place.


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