The Alliance of health systems, Western Maryland, Meritus and Frederick, has ultimately arrived at a name for our new Alliance……..Trivergent Health Alliance. Though higher coinsurance rates have been originally implemented to contain costs and avert overuse, they also reflect a view that stigmatizes those who seek mental health care. These are some of the folks we speak with just about every day here at Health Alliance Medicare, and we are effectively acquainted with many of our members and the challenges they face.

October 23, 2007 – Healthy Tips: An Evidence Primarily based Depression Program A webcast designed for state and community Adult Protective Solutions (APS) representatives, case managers, area agencies on aging, mental health specialists and other individuals who have a part in organizing or offering direct solutions to victims/prospective elder abuse victims.

The keynote is Dr. Steve Bartels, a Professor at Dartmouth Medical College and an eminent researcher in geriatric mental health. But you could get improved coverage and save dollars by switching to a public or direct plan. Health Alliance Medical Plans is a major provider-sponsored health insurer in the Midwest, administering health plans for much more than 310,000 members in Illinois and Iowa. For commercial plans, Health Alliance climbed from 34th last year to 18th in the nation this year.

GMHA has also expanded its educational activities with a further successful annual conference, one more lecture series on very best practices, education applications on clinical practice and on how to finance solutions, a tool kit on how to organize geriatric mental health advocacy, a bi-weekly newsletter, and methods towards the creation of a geriatric mental health coaching and technical help center without walls.

Establishing a Extended-term Care Subcommittee of the NYS Interagency Geriatric Mental Health and Chemical Dependency Preparing Council to examine NYS’s existing extended-term care reform initiatives, create recommendations and a program to build in acceptable measures associated to behavioral health, and market public-private partnerships. Health Alliance ranks 16th nationally for its Medicare strategy, up from 17th a year ago.

Recognizing Medicaid Preparing Possibilities at the Brookdale Center for Health Aging & Longevity With rising longevity, the likelihood that most persons will demand medical intervention and supportive care at some point in the future has improved along with the potential for massive medical bills and intense service requirements. At Health Alliance Medicare, we have an understanding of the worth of face-to-face contacts and relationship building.


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